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         Social Work Tools & Resources:

         Social Work Organizational Structures and Recentralization

         VHA Social Work Directives and Other Documents
 SW Professional Practice Handbook
SW Professional Standards
                                    Professional Standards Boards, 5005-17
Comparison Grid-Title 5 & Hybrid Title 38
                                    Social Work Boarding, FAQs, January 2011 
                                    Social Work Boarding and SSA Directions
     Social Work Qualification Standards, 5005-23
                                    Social Work Qualification Standards, 5005-31 (update to 5005-23)

                                    Clarification of SW Qualification Standards-Memo from
                                              National VHA SW Director
                                    SW Supervision Directive
                                    VHA Social Work Program Guide
                                    VA Handbook 5017-5-Employee Recognition & Awards
                                    AFGE 477_Section 53 (HT38)
                                    VA HB 5025-Employee Association
VA Dir 6001-Personal Use
                                    VHA SW CERTIFICATION REVIEW COMMITTEE MASTER LIST,  8-21-15


             Other Social Work Practice Guidelines 



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